Monday, 29 August 2016

Sameera Dahiya's Journey From Her Father's Scooter As A Child, To Leh On A Bullet !

Working as an IT professional  currently, but my passion runs in Riding, realized that one year back. My journey as A RIDER has been a breathtaking one. Taking you to a flashback. It was when i was 8 years and i tried my dad's Bajaj scooter. But I was pushed down by people around saying "Girls and riding don't go along" I always wanted to prove this wrong because RIDING does not depend on gender, caste or religion. 
It was on my 1st ever bike ride to Goa on a friend's Bullet, which triggered where i was destined to be and I knew my next step : Grab my own RIDE.
Bajaj Pulsar 180 was me first bike! I started with a solo trip to Coorg right after 20 days of learning how to ride a bike. Now I own a Bullet Classic 350! Yes THE THUMP!
Riding and Travelling has just grabbed me tight! My Riding journey has taught me a lot of things! It has given me the feeling of being FREE, filled me with POSITIVITY around,  gave me a lot of experiences which added to my strengths! A lot of them made me feel that women are no less than men (p.s: which the society needs to understand). I would stand up at every point of my life to remove the stereotype!

My trips in the past year includes Coorg, Kerala, The Western Ghats, Goa and the most special one "BANGALORE TO LEH". Not even a single time i had felt that i was somewhere less than any other guy riding on the roads!
Adding to my experience I would also make it a point to every budding rider, "Always wear your Riding Gear!" Riding and exploring is one thing but along with it I would want everyone to be safe on roads, so that in-turn you can EXPLORE more.

You can find Sameera and her adventures here . 

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