Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Importance of Riding Gear

Most motorcyclists know the importance of wearing a helmet but there are still some that do not wear adequate clothing on the rest of their body. Previously, leather used to be the only material for motorcycling clothing but there are now a choice of materials including nylon and Kevlar.
Specialist motorcycling clothing has really gone forward during the past few years with advances in manufacturing techniques, materials and product development. These materials are much lighter than leather making them more comfortable whilst riding but they are also far better for protection against the weather. The ballistic nylon and Kevlar materials have fantastic anti abrasion properties. These materials took over 1700 cycles on an abrasion test before failure.

Ideally, a biker must always be fully protected and should protect himself from top to bottom. Typically, riding gear consists of ;


The degree your head is injured is significantly reduced when you are wearing a helmet during a motorcycle accident. Helmets are designed to cushion and protect the head from the impact of an accident. A helmet may be the only protection you have if you experience an accident while riding. When buying your first helmet, go to a place where you can try them on, comfort and fit is very important. After that it usually is safe to order online for that brand of helmet.
People say the reasons why they don’t wear good motorcycle helmets are:
– Expensive
– Hot
– Restrictive
– The cause of messy helmet-head hair
– Freedom of choice
The reality is that each of these reasons can’t bring back someone’s life if it is lost in a motorcycle accident. Wearing a good helmet doesn’t limit motorcycle drivers’ ability to hear or see what is happening around them. The bottom line is helmets are the single most important piece of protective equipment you can have when riding a motorcycle


When you hit the dry asphalt, dirt, branches, rock or any hard surface even at lower speeds, the hands tend to bear the brunt of injuries. A pair of heavy leather gloves with armored palms will go a long way to keep a break fall from resulting in broken hands, and they can also serve to improve one’s grip on the vehicle. Ideally, a good pair of riding gloves should extend past the wrist, like a medieval gauntlet.


The primary reason behind wearing motorcycle jackets is their protective functionality. They work as an armor for the bike rider and protect them from injuries from accidental falls. These jackets provide special padding to help reduce the impact of the fall due to accidents and also minimize the injuries caused at the time of fall.


You should pay attention to the pants you wear when riding because it will protect your legs from the cold. It will also absorb most of the impact in case of collision. In addition, it will protect your skin from severe injury.


Not as comfortable as tennis shoes, but the humble riding boot serves many functions in protecting a rider. It helps to stay mounted and grip onto the motorcycle, in addition to looking rather stylish. Riding boots are designed to protect you from the exhaust pipe, the tires, rocks and the vehicle itself as it tries to grind you into the ground.

Yes, we know that all this can be pretty expensive..but it goes a long way in keeping you safe.

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